(Serenity Falls, #2)

Welcome to Serenity Falls...A young girl is horribly tortured, a boy becomes a conduit to hell, the dogs of the town turn feral. One man has been enlisted to stop the encroaching evil. He'll soon discover that the true horror lies not with those who walk the earth, but with those who lie beneath it.

Enjoyed this as much as the first, perhaps a little more, as it continued the story, fleshed it out, but kept familiar characters.

Mainly Crowley stays as the interesting character I loved reading about, and most held their own too, while other characters lagged a bit. Almost a little too much perspective shifting, which doesn’t help interest and pacing, but makes it more convenient on building the main storyline.

Gore and violence is stronger, especially with the dogs that have been employed to be vicious weapons. Body count in the present rises, not just from stories of the past. Simon is seen little from the first novel, which is understood because of the last book’s mini cliffhanger.

I’m happy the past doesn’t have to be visited quite as much anymore.
Annoyingly the book cuts off in the middle of action, despise when that happens, but thankfully I had the next book waiting for me to continue it. It probably would have irked me more, and maybe brought the rating down a little, if I read it as it was published and had to wait.

Overall a good addition, even better than the first, and of course I'm loving the cover style for these.

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