Tune-In Tuesday: 3-17-15

A Weekly Meme from GReads
Since music is one of the main things in my life outside of books, I jumped on the bandwagon for this fun meme.

10 Years - Proud of You

I've been a fan of 10 Years for...well, years. Most of their songs are fast and loud and heavy, hard rock bliss at its finest. While I completely dig those songs, Proud of You is one of my favorites and completely different. It's the bands version of a soft, soulful tune. The lyrics are about strength and hanging on, encouraging someone through something, I'm thinking maybe oncoming death. You can apply these lyrics to a lot of events in life though, being the firm supporter beside someone you love.

It gets a little heavier as it goes along, but not much, and mainly stays slow and steady. With the singer's epic voice, it's another one of my favorite songs. Different, heartfelt, emotional, awesome.