(Serenity Falls, #1)

Serenity Falls is dead. No commerce, tourism, or good will. It gets worse.
An historian has uncovered the town's unspeakable past: lynchings, mass murders, sexual depravity, and rumors of the birth of the anti-Christ. But the darkest secret is yet to be revealed--in the Serenity Falls trilogy.

It’s been way too long since I’ve read James A. Moore, and his writing story doesn’t disappoint after a hiatus. It’s easy to be absorbed into the story by the way he weaves words together.

The mysterious Jonathan Crowley was the most fascinating character in the book. Supernaturally gifted, he travels and haunts down different baddies, led by sources, gut instinct, and something else not explained to the reader. This cover of mystery only makes him more intriguing. Simon MacGruder, the other main, is writing a story of the town’s history, sorting through the violent history and legends which have befallen the town.

Every town has it’s sordid history, but this one worse than others, and things are finally being set in motion to bring it all to a head, revenge style. Intriguing premise.

Pacing is languid but to suit the tone of the story, and also since it’s a trilogy not everything is going to be wrapped up here. It’s all being set in motion and the foundation laid. Writ in Blood goes back and forth between three storylines, which can get disorientating if you don’t pay attention, but ultimately necessary to get all the tidbits in there. I personally dislike timeline changes like that for the most part, as I get sucked into one story and don’t want to leave it, but it’s done as effectively as it can be here.

By the end of the book, I have glimpses of the overall storyline, but not enough to merit me wanting to absorb myself in the story yet.

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