2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge

I'm coming on to this one a little late, but I just found it! I did something similar a few years ago and really enjoyed it with the end of the year re-caps and keeping myself on track for blogging and bookish things.

Hosted by  Laura @ trips down imagination road and Because Reading is better than real life.
I can't find a list of rules but I suppose it's pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the bookish related goals that have been floating around in my head since January:

1. Re-read and review Barbara Michaels books that I have not reviewed before.

2. Stay much more active with this site in comparison to 2014.

3. Finish at least 85% of the reading challenges I signed up for.

4. Read a variety of genres every month, which I have struggled with in previous years.

5. Read most of my own superhero novels and comics/graphic novels.

6. Read most of the children's books I have on my TBR list/shelf.

7. Finally read most of the Harry Potter series and start the Game of Thrones series.

8. Buy LESS books this year. Seriously, it must be done (or not done, you know what I mean.)

9. Finish some of the new bookshelves I've been wanting to build when I move the book room to the living room/library.

10. Read and return most of the books I've borrowed from my friend.