Tune-In Tuesday: 4-14-15

A Weekly Meme from GReads
Since music is one of the main things in my life outside of books, I jumped on the bandwagon for this fun meme.

Gods and Monsters

Lana Del Rey is hit or miss with the music industry - a lot of fans, a lot of haters. I don't like every song she does, but I love several and consider myself a fan. I like how she tries to blend the retro with the modern, surreal and vintage. Everyone who reads these knows I love nostalgic music, something she's an expert at.

This is my favorite from her, although there's a few close ties. Digging into the lyrics and their explanation, the meaning is giving up everything - including your innocence and soul - to make it in the brutal Hollywood, which the person giving everything willingly  up for the cesspool of novelty.

American Horror Stories Jessica Lange did an excellent job covering the song for an episode in Freakshow. I love the video for it too, so will show both here.

I just wish the letterhead wasn't so narrow for the official video...