Armchair BEA: May 28

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Today's Topics
Visual Expressions

There are so many ways to tell stories. Whether it's comic books, graphic novels, visual novels, webcomics, etc, there are quite a lot of other mediums to tell a story. On this day, we will be talking about those books and formats that move beyond just words and use other ways to experience a story.

I'm still relatively new to the comic book and graphic novel scene, but do enjoy them. My friend Jeff is sending me a bunch soon. I read Watchmen this year (finally) - loved the movie and have planned to read it for a few years. Also have been re-reading and reading my superhero novelization collection this year as a bookish goal. There's still so much out there to experience and learn for me when it comes to this genre.

While I like comics and graphic novels, I do prefer standard books over them. I seem to get into the story better and you can have more depth with some introspective thoughts, of course. The graphic novels get to convey the bigger story with less words, which can work great, accompanied by creative visuals that add unique spice.

Social Media
How do you use social media to expand your blogging/writing horizons? Social Media is all about networking and connections, and utilizing today's technology to the fullest. Make sure you mention your own social media pages. Do you have another blog, maybe a Tumblr? Have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Or maybe there's an underrated social media program that you like.
All of my links are on the sidebar so won't bother reproducing them in this post. I am a late comer to Tumblr, only a few months in, and love it so far. Using it for more than books - TV shows, superhero cravings, random moon and art pictures, all kinds of stuff. I mainly converted to it for Books & Cupcakes Daily Book Photo Challenge, which has turned out a fun treat.
I use Instagram sporadically, but need to use it more. Like browsing pictures others share, there are apparently a lot of talented photographers in the world behind their phones.
Facebook I use for bookish related quotes, pictures, and photos - PBStash's FB page has started increasing a lot in likes since last year, over 1000, which surprised me since I didn't change anything with it or add more to it. Growth is good!
I use Twitter randomly for all kinds of odds and ends.
Goodreads and here are my reviewing homes; Tumblr and Facebook are the bookish photos and quotes homes; Twitter is random articles and bookish links (along with some of that also shared to Google+)