Retired & Changed Weekly Features

With a website that has been around since 2007, a lot of experiments have been tried. Moods change, seasons pass, ideas fade, inspiration dwindles. Sometimes the owner stops the feature, sometimes I do.

Below is a list of weekly features I kept up with for a time, sometimes years, sometimes only one or two installments, and for whatever reason I discontinued it.

The links go to my pages and contributions to the features. If you want a link to the host and the original page for the feature, they are linked in the posts. 

I rarely do Yearly themed challenges on the site anymore - the last was 2017 Challenges


Mailbox Mondays - These aren't retired - they're too fun - but I'm combining them in update posts from now on instead of leaving them as a post of their own.

Tune-In Tuesdays - A lot of fun, and I've enjoyed sharing songs, so this one is not retired, but will be combined in update posts.

Sunday Salon - This was a general update post in the past. I haven't been consistent with it - I find trouble doing weekly  updates, so will either do every other week or monthly now. It's not retired so much as its being changed.

Top Ten Tuesdays will still have activity and its own page since it is a long and themed post, but will no longer be on the toolbar.


Booking Thru Thursday - One of the longest running features I've kept up with, although I rarely participated the past few years. Since I mainly do things now in advance, this one doesn't work for me anymore since they post their topics the day of, and I'm rarely able to participate. I'll definitely be reusing  the purchased graphic for something though. - discontinued 6/21/2015

Why I Love Wednesdays - The owner discontinued it. It was a lot of fun to participate in and I participated for awhile.

Life of a Blogger - Such a nifty idea, but not working for me to stay regular. Also I cover so much random stuff on the blog already in Sunday Salons. - discontinued 6/21/2015

Around the Bookworld Weekend - This was something I created to post web links about reading, bookish projects, different libraries, and such. I started with a lot of plans but this kind of fizzled out and felt redundant.

This Month in Instagram - I only did one post. Fun idea but too time consuming, and I'm not consistent enough on Instagram.

Sweet Reads - Put together to show reading cakes and such. I condensed this for the Around the Bookworld Weekend feature.