Sunday Salon 6/7/2015 - My Rambling Mood....

The Sunday Salon was originally started in 2008, but over the years has grown too large to accept new members. They are now a facebook group and open to all. Imagine some university library's vast reading room. It's filled with people--students and faculty and strangers who've wandered in. They're seated at great oaken desks, books piled all around them, and they're all feverishly reading and jotting notes in their leather-bound journals as they go. Later they'll mill around the open dictionaries and compare their thoughts on the afternoon's literary intake....

Past Week - Personal Stuff

This is covering the last two weeks, instead of the last week.

It seems I'm putting these together lately every two weeks instead of every week. I'm nothing if not inconsistent. Browsing other Sunday Salons, it strikes me how different everyone's style is. Some mix a Sunday salon with a blog post and editorial, others display pictures of places they've visited or what they've seen, others break into categories, while other mix Sunday Salons with Mailbox Mondays and other stuff, creating something new altogether.

Where I went -

All that rambling aside, my friend Susan and I love going to Patio 850 and sitting outside enjoying the small band playing. This time there was a solo artist who had an incredible voice. He sang a surprising mix of music while playing the guitar. I picked up my usual pizza from them, yummy stuff - The Stone Perfect, which is certainly more fancy than most of the local pizzas I've tried. Fresh Mozzarella + Tomato + Herb Goat Spread + Baby Spinach + Mushrooms + Onions + White Truffle Oil = delicious. We also love the olive dish. I'm  not much of a beer drinker but do choose Angry Orchard when there.
This Friday night I took my son to meet four of his friends to watch the new Poltergeist.  I didn't hold much hope for it since I generally despise the remakes and never saw  a reason for it to be re-done - I mean, you had the great directing of Spielberg, Tobe Hooper's input, Jerry Goldsmith's score which remains a favorite of mine to this day, excellent acting, well received - why touch it? But they did remake it, we saw it, and I surprised myself by liking it. It was funnier than the original, even if the original had comedy this one amped it up. The creepy parts were creepier. The original stands as a superior quality movie but the remake worth a watch.

I did go to the bookstore last Saturday and had a blast spending way too much money. Details of what I bought can be found in this weeks Mailbox Monday post.

 I  went to the dentist and got my monster cavity filled. I swear there's something "off" about my dentist, but they did a good job with the filling.
I wish I could get the entire summer off like the kids do. Those were the days...

What I'm Making - I'm giving it another go to make homemade iced coffee. Before I would mix the coffee ice cubes in the Ninja blender with milk. That works well so I'm trying that again, but this time will be able to add a little cream and try to just keep it cold and liquid in the fridge.

I'm been non-crafty. Haven't even been taking pictures for the Tumblr challenge, but that's overdue now so need to get on it. My goldfish died (has been sickly for months), so I need to use the fish tank for a new crabitat for my two hermit crabs. No more fish for me, they are a pain to keep alive!

I have rediscovered my love of Lapsang Souchong from Zen Tea Life. Almost done with my large sample so bit the bullet and ordered more of it, plenty to last me awhile. It's a love/hate tea - a lot of people hate it, while a lot love it. Obviously I'm in the love category - the smell alone is teagasm. My friend and I kept sniffing it when hanging out Tuesday night at the house. Campfire, woods, smoke, magic. It reminds her of Epcot, reminds me of the mountains and feeling free. Panyang Congou by Harney & Sons is another new tea I've tried that I enjoyed -  rated it 85 on Steepster. 
 Bitstrip of the Week

What I've Discovered - I never messed around much with LibraryThing before, but created a simple account and navigated the site. I'm still a Goodreads addict but wanted to test other waters. Leafmark is great but there's still a far way to go with the site content. I love the badges with Leafmarks and the custom challenges, as well as how much they are catering to actual reader requests. With LibraryThing I found to love unlimited picture uploads, tracking bookish places you've been, being able to personalize information a little more on the profile and the feel of site. If all we could pick and choose our favorites from all three of them.

What I'm Watching - Hell's Kitchen just isn't holding my interest this year. One episode left. Besides Poltergeist, Gage and I watched some random movies this weekend. Revisited Pet Semetary last night - horrible acting in the movie, it could have been more. I also rewatched the two Omen movies (Omen original and Damien: Omen II) when in bedroom cleaning and forced to hibernate because the teenage boys had control of the living room...I know DVDs are out of style but I love the Omen boxset. Was a great price, the movies are good, the animated menus were among the best I had, and they included a lot of bonus content.

Reading Updates

   Read The last TWO weeks

I've been reading a lot the past few weeks and having fun doing it. Finally ahead on my Goodreads challenge by a few. Read twelve books in the last two weeks.

Bodies and How to be a Superhero were from Netgalley. Ghost of a Chance is the first book in the Chintz N' China mystery series, finished it yesterday afternoon. Homicide in Hardcover I finished Thursday, another first in a cozy mystery series.

These last four books of the Ophelia & Abby series - I've now read the series of seven books.

Finished Watchmen finally, House of Sand and Fog, and the first two books in the cozy mystery series that features a burglar as the main protagonist. As you can see, I've been reading a lot of mysteries.

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