Timber Pack Chronicles by Rob Colton

(Timber Pack Chronicles #1)

The object of Parker Montgomery's crush is big man on campus Colton Butler, who is much more than he appears to be.

Colton has been watching Parker from a distance, patiently waiting for the day when he will finally be able to claim his destined mate.

When Parker is threatened by a rogue wolf, Colton's instincts take over and he finds that his actions have consequences that threaten to tear his pack apart.

I rate erotic and kids and blah, blah differently, so remember this is a four star rating for an erotic book, not a classic/drama or anything.

There are books out there where you just cinch with the characters. You fall head over heels with their flaws, their quirks, the way their personalities mesh together. That was the case for me here. I loved alpha Colton with his growls, protective night runs to Parker's window, cute over-eagerness to mark and claim with bracelet accidents, spilled sodas on shirts, all kinds of creative ways to subtly mark Parker until he actually can. 

The overabundance of marking everything was funny, but it worked considering he's a lycan, and I loved every minute of it. Then you enter submissive Parker who's picked on at school but awesome in personality, looking up with his big doe eyes at the dominant Colton, and everything's just an exhilarating, heady mix from there. Handclaps and paw shakes all around.

If you took away 10 sex scenes from this book, you wouldn't even notice them missing if you re-read, and if you were reading for the first time and it was missing these same scenes, you'd still think to yourself that, Damn. This book has a LOT of sex scenes. Because once they finally come together after giggly exciting buildup, its almost nonstop from there. Too much actually. After awhile it loses its effectiveness.

BUT the buildup to this was a lot of fun - with Parker not knowing who they were, the different dating and obsessive buildup, the sweetness of the relationship - they were the winning parts of this novel. There's a minor plot in there somewhere, kind of, but it's drowned out. The first part of this book was my favorite section and I've already re-read key parts after the book has been finished. The second part has more of a key with pack buildup and structure, but the first half still stole the show.

They seriously talk too much during, and that just makes me cringe more than anything. The dialogue during their almost constant bedroom play was painful to me, but otherwise - big kudos points, especially the shower/locker encounter, the first kiss in the car, and I loved the neck claiming.

The other characters work too - the two tag-along friends/pack members, the distant parents, quirky best friend, all worked to make this book the fun enjoyment it was. Seriously couldn't put it down.

I'm usually not a fan of pack hierarchy, but I do love mated pairs quite a bit, so it worked here deliciously well. I'm always into the whole top/bottom thing too so the author wrote this pairing convincingly.

Not just steam, there's heart, and that always works.

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