SUNDAY SALON: 7/5/2015

The Sunday Salon was originally started in 2008, but over the years has grown too large to accept new members. They are now a facebook group and open to all.

   What's Going On This Week...

Definitely not as much as last week in terms of getting out, but we did go see Ted 2 at Cobb Theatres Tuesday night. My mom tagged along with my son and I this time. As always at the theatre, it was a lot of fun.

Thursday I was released early for work because of the holidays and went to the ABC Wine Warehouse to hunt down that yummy wine I discovered the week before in Tarpon Springs. I found something close - same company and same style (sweet red dessert wine) but not quite as good.

I also went to the Gospel Inn bookstore and bought a little sailboat for the bookshelves and a few cheap bookmarks. Will have to put them in a future Mailbox Monday post.

The ship is cute. You know you want it. Admit it!

For Fourth of July we stayed at home. Ate with parents across the street but didn't do anything fireworks wise. Exciting we are not! We did get some delicious food and an extra day off of work though.

   What I'm Watching

Gage and I are again revisiting Friends on Netflix. On season 8 now. I think? Pretty sure it's 8 and not 7. Watched Supremecy on Netflix (with Danny Glover) and found it a pretty decent drama flick. Caught up with Hannibal - now just have last Thursdays to watch. Shame it was canceled!

   What I'm Making

We're still working on the bookshelves. I have now cleared out most of the book room and have books all over the place in the dining room. Moved the Urban Fantasy large shelfing unit to one wall. We now have to cut it down some and add attachments to it.

Wait, you mean the paranormal and UF books don't belong on the kitchen table??
For the middle walls we tried the stain, but unfortunately the stain is ugly and makes the semi pricey wood look the color of cheap pressboard. Yep, not what I'm going for at all.

Wait, you mean all these romance books don't belong by the kitchen island??

Also hunt up some pictures on the wall as the process of renovation. Ah, renovation - sounds so fun before you start but ends up messy and stressful for like forever.

   Impressive Bookish-World I Need to Visit

Okay, apparently the bookstore in Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal) is one of the prettiest bookstores ever.

Look at this place! A bookstore I'd have to practically live in if it were close by.

More than a century old, this former library turned bookstore contains more than 100,000 books in many languages. Its trademark features include ornate pillars and ceilings, a beautiful red staircase, and a stained-glass atrium.
The stairway of dreams!

What I've Read This Week

Is it true, only two?  Yes. Sadly, it is true. Only two books completed this week. On the positive side, I'm almost done with two others. Will try to finish at least one of them later today.

Both of these were ARCs and have already been reviewed on the site after finishing them.

Great Cake Decorating
Bending Steel

   Currently Reading

Yes, these are basically the same books from last week. On the plus side, I'm almost done with two of them. A little less than a hundred pages to go for Middlesex (page count 544), and a hundred pages in for Trouble is a friend of mine. Still haven't progressed any further with Game of Thrones since I have others I'm trying to finish first.

   Next Up

Yes, Divergent is still not started - eek. Keep planning for it though.

The Camelot Shadow was written by a Goodreads friend and the book looks excellent - also great reviews, so hoping I'll enjoy it.

I have never gotten around to finish the Jill Kismet series - only one small book to go.

Pet Semetary is for my Stephen King reading challenge, but also I always wanted to re-read it so I can give it a proper review.

   Website Progress

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Random Stuff

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