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M/M Romance, Historical Romance

Lie back and think of England...

England, 1904. Two years ago, Captain Archie Curtis lost his friends, fingers, and future to a terrible military accident. Alone, purposeless and angry, Curtis is determined to discover if he and his comrades were the victims of fate, or of sabotage.

Curtis’s search takes him to an isolated, ultra-modern country house, where he meets and instantly clashes with fellow guest Daniel da Silva. Effete, decadent, foreign, and all-too-obviously queer, the sophisticated poet is everything the straightforward British officer fears and distrusts.

As events unfold, Curtis realizes that Daniel has his own secret intentions. And there’s something else they share—a mounting sexual tension that leaves Curtis reeling.

As the house party’s elegant facade cracks to reveal treachery, blackmail and murder, Curtis finds himself needing clever, dark-eyed Daniel as he has never needed a man before…

We all know there are tragedies in life. One of the tragedies is this author has only written a couple of books. I shouldn't have waited so long to read it - it's another new favorite from her. I've already had to re-read several scenes...

One thing K.J. Charles rocks at is creating the best characters that both compliment and contrast with each other. She did the same job but with different flavors in the Magpie series. Here she again mixes classes - Curtis is a gentlemen soldier, retired from war due to injury, and Daniel is on the poorer rung of society. But where Steven hid his inclinations in the Magpie series, Daniel exaggerates the things that make other men detest and belittle him. It's not because he has such confidence he considers himself above such trivialities, but because of a mask to hide the sensitivity beneath.

But not only does Daniel rock with sensitivity - and dirty language, humor, wit, sarcasm - but Curtis is also a sweetheart who touched me heart and spirit in different layers. They both rock, trust me, they really do.

So you mesh these two men in a M/M romance that has an actual good story. Oooh-la-la, my mental brain cushions are as stimulated by the mystery, the tension, as it is by the possibilities of romance. Of course while there are erotic scenes - and wowzers are they intense, intense, and MORE intense - the story itself is a great one that doesn't even need them. I'd be sad without them - but it's not needed because the story is strong enough on its own and then some.

The villains are heartless with realistic motive and we get a twist of Shakespearian justice. There are nail grinding scenes mixed with comedy that befalls the beloved pair. There's horror and fight and charm all mixed in the same bag.

Be still my heart. I went to the book's page on Goodreads to see if there is word of a sequel. The author said she's working on one, but who knows when that will come out? Until then I shall salivate over the possibility. Simply love this author's books. Now when I think of England, I'll undoubtedly think of this book too.

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“Jesus!” he yelped.
“I fear not,” said a silky voice, and Curtis realised that he had collided with da Silva. “Both Jewish, of course, but the resemblance ends there.”

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