(Ophelia and Abby, #4)

Small-town librarian Ophelia Jensen is finally starting to embrace her lot as one of the "chosen"—a psychic and folk magick practitioner, a.k.a. a witch. Expert loving guidance from her magickally adept grandmother Abby helps—and adopting Tink, an exceptionally talented teenage medium, has given Ophelia's life new purpose . . . until a brutal murder clouds the sunshine of their days.

Ophelia's co-worker and best friend, Darci, is distraught when her cousin is implicated in the small Iowa town of Summerset's most recent murder—the violent death of a biker. Unfortunately for Darci's cousin, it's her fingerprints all over the murder weapon. She claims she's innocent, but it'll take Ophelia and Abby more than a good incantation or two to get to the bottom of this crime—what with ghosts, crooked cops, secret identities, and a small army of outlaw bikers thrown into this devil's brew.

Another charming installment in the Ophelia and Jensen paranormal mystery series.

Despite my slight reservations, I'm delighted to see that Tink has taken a creative role in the story, helping it rather than hindering. I was put off by Ophelia's almost narrow minded and snobbish attitude at first with the local bikers, but that proved right - but I can't get over her judgment of the women.

Either way, interesting enough story. Instead of solving a murder to find out who is guilty, she's trying to help prove someone innocent instead. There are a few fingers you could point, but the villains weren't a surprise. The pool of suspects was a wee obvious. The end scene held some intensity in the fight but I miss the awesome display of powers since her climax fight at the end of the first book. Shall we never see that again?

Again the author overdoes the character mannerism repeats, causing almost comical stereotypes. Chin stroking, finger on the nose rubbing, fingers tapping. The author may weave a good story and concept but she creates almost cartoonish characters in some ways. These details should be implied with imagination rather than drawn out.

I hated to hear about Henry, she never has an interesting love interest by book four. I appreciate the author not wanting to focus on that but a little rope thrown in every once in awhile never hurt anyone's interest - I even had hope for Cobra.

Overall another good book in a series that has grown on me. Despite its flaws with cheesy character mannerisms, I've become charmed by the basic characters and the basic town. I'm curious about Ophelia's future and if she ever decides on a guy to actually date. Tink's power is a different sort from the MC and grandmother's, and I find the balance of the trilogy intriguing. Worth a read if you're into this cozy series.

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