DAY 3: Spookiest campfire scary story you've heard

Spookiest, campfire scary story you’ve heard.

I never sat around the campfire hearing creepy stories. A sadness for childhood, I'm sure. I did grow up watching Tales from the Dark, though, so that has to surely count for something.

I'll just pick the Urban Legend I'm sure most of you know, but that I always found the eeriest of the group. From Wikipedia:

A young girl is home alone for the first time with only her dog for company. Listening to the radio, she hears of a serial killer (or mental patient) on the loose, so she locks all the doors and windows (in some versions, the basement window is jammed open so she just locks the basement door) and goes to bed, taking her dog to her room with her and letting it sleep under her bed. She wakes in the night and can hear a dripping sound coming from the bathroom. The dripping sound annoys her, and she actually finds it unsettling for some reason. The bedside lamp won't work, and she is too scared to get out of bed to turn on the main light and walk over to the bathroom. She hides under the covers but to reassure herself that the dog is still under the bed she puts her hand down and feels licking on her hand. She lies awake for some time listening to the dripping sound and periodically puts her hand down to where she can hear heavy breathing and each time feels gentle licks on her fingers. Eventually she falls asleep. The next morning when she wakes, she goes to the bathroom for a drink of water. On the shower wall, written in blood are the words "HUMANS CAN LICK TOO", and her slaughtered dog is hanging from the shower head, its blood, now thick and dark, still dripping into the bathtub.