Day 5: Top TEN Spookiest Movies

Top TEN Spookiest Movies

The Grudge - Found it creepier than I thought I would, surprised me

Sinister - Actually creepy modern movie, it's a long mystery that draws you in and does it well.

The Thing - One of the best movies in any genre, ever

In the Mouth of Madness - The movie isn't creepy during the entire duration, and some silly effects aside, that bicycle gives the heebie-jeebies

The Shining - There's some calm insanity surrounding Kubrick's The Shining. I'm still pretending King's remake never existed.

Insidious - Despite the irritating music and so-so enjoyment, the first had some creepy parts

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original) - This excellent horror movie isn't filled with jump scares necessarily, but it's psychological torment at its finest

The Exorcist 3 - Yes, not the Exorcist. I honestly never found it scary. The third had its share of creepy parts.

Alien - Not what I'd call scary, but that facehugger intensity - yikes. 

Henry Portrait of a serial killer - This isn't fear scary, it's disturbing scary. Plus I was running out of names for this list. There's something incredibly gritty, realistically unsettling about this movie.