Sunday Salon: 9/20/15

The Sunday Salon was originally started in 2008, but over the years has grown too large to accept new members. They are now a facebook group and open to all.

   What's Going On This Week...

I have been MIA from Sunday Salons posts since July. Busy summer, not as much reading then, and being lazy on these updates posts. A lot has been happening, great things. Work has been going well, been spending great time with son, family, and friends, and we took that fun trip to St. Augustine I was so excited about. Planning to do a recap post with pictures of that soon.

This week I have felt a little out of it for some reason - but have been participating in a Read-a-thon. Been hit by the Read-a-thon fever actually, have several of them coming up and in progress. Right now I'm doing the TBR Readathon, and in a few days starts the Fall into Books Read-a-thon.

   What I'm Watching

We've been taking a break from TV. I'm anxious for my favorites to return in October. My mom and I were overtaken in July with Dance Mom Fever - we ended up watching all the seasons in addicted glee! We've started the Abby Lee Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2 on Lifetime App to fill in while waiting, good show too. And I've started Fear the Walking Dead, two episodes, not as good yet as The Walking Dead but worth watching.

   What I'm Making

In the Sunday Salon posts when I was active, I was discussing making the bookshelves for the living room-library. This is almost done. The books are up, but we need to correct a few shelves, add a little more trimming, and do some odds and ends before I take pictures.

Bitstrips of the Week

   Impressive Bookish-World I Need to Visit

Hotel Rex - Library Bar (San Francisco, CA)

This place is chosen...know why? I get to go here and stay two nights in two weeks! WOOT! Pictures coming in person after the trip of this fabulous hotel.

What I've Read This Week

I've read a decent amount this week thanks to participating in the TBR Read-a-thon.

I haven't tallied books I'll be reading and finishing today yet - here's Monday through Saturday.

I finally finished Angel Town by Lilith Saintcrow yesterday. Read the first five in the series back-to-back, but took months off before starting this one.

Hungry for your love is an anthology I've been reading since January, guys. January!

Finally wrapped up My Bookstore non-fiction essays.

The Girl on the train was as brilliant as they claim!

Judgement Day is the prequel to the Devil's Advocate. Good book, finished this week.

   Currently Reading

The Manse I'll be starting soon as part of a buddy read with the Horror Aficionados group on Goodreads

Divergent I really am starting (I swear) as a buddy reading

The Hours Count I received as an ARC and am about the start

Almost done with The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal from my favorite romance author, K.J. Charles

Pokergeist is a funny mystery I started last night.

   Website Progress

Reviews Posted
    I'm sorry to say NONE. Been reading a lot but need to get these reviews up!
Weeklies Posted
Random Stuff
    I've been updating Read-a-thons but need to take more care with the site lately. This reading takes up time! :)

    Until Next Week....