Mailbox Monday 12/14/2015


It's that wonderful time of year...

I have done so few of these this year in comparison to last year. Yes, I've still been collecting books, but no, I keep forgetting to post about them here. I've gotten a lot of extra goodies that are bookish related this time, though, so it's impossible not to share.

First, I received the package I won from Pop Culture Breakdown lightning fast - I'm impressed, got here much sooner than I thought. And I'm in love with the tote bags, button, and samplers.

THANK You for bringing the swag to someone who didn't get to go to Yallfest!

Second, I have the best friend ever who got me these AMAZING bookish gifts. My camera is awful, but those bookish candles are: Nevermore, Narnia Forest, Fairy Dust, and Old Leather Bound Books. All smell excellent. I really needed a literary pillow, and what's better than the old start, "Once upon a time...."?  Finally, I've had that C.S. Lewis collection on my wishlist for ages.

The mug is not to be mine - it's a gift for the same friend who bought me the above. Alice in Wonderland goes with readers like Peanut butter and jelly. The shirt is mine, though - how cool is a shirt that shows The War of the Worlds? Again, ignore the camera quality please.

Finally, I'm loving the Deadtown series by Nancy Holzner now that I've finally got around to reading that first book. Review soon, of course. Here are two sequels I ordered, as well as Count of Monte Crisco socks!

Until next time,
Happy Reading!