Valentine's Day and Romantic Bookish Gifts

Vintage "Harlequin" Wine

Wow, this is actually a thing? How cute would this be? Not a big wine fan honestly, but give me a well done Sangria anyday. It's still worth it for this box alone. Available random places, including Amazon.

Mr. Darcy's Full Proposal...on a pillow?

Book Lover Gifts knows the perfect touch for those Valentine Nights when you want to cuddle and read. Instead of just using a blanket, why not stay close to romantic, bookish inspired pillow too?

Have your own "Message in a bottle"

Whether you're a Nicholas Sparks fan or not, this gift makes a unique Valentine's collection. 

Make your valentine their own "Book of Love"

Feeling creative? Nothing says unique gift to a loved one than a homemade romantic book

"You Melt my Heart"

Need that bookish snack while reading on Valentine's night? Nothing says romantic like this.

Trashy Romance Novel....err, smell

When you need that candle to match the theme....