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A comic novel about love, courage and revolution at the end of the world.

Just what do you do when the apocalypse happens ... and you end up as a zombie and not one of the lantern-jawed heroes?

"The vampires get the cool powers, the living get the guns and the zombies just get the munchies."

A hilarious tribute for those who love monsters.

You have zombies, vampires, werewolves, dragons, witches, and a large assortment of just about everything in Love, Death and Tea. You even have "tea".

Led through the point of view of an unfortunate young man who always gets life's short end of the stick, his luck doesn't improve when a magical wave hits the world and turns him into a zombie. His girlfriend may get the cool power of being a witch who can brew up tea to help him from becoming mindless and slavering, but it seems pretty much all of his other loved ones and friends end up with cooler powers. I won't spoil it about some of them - the scene with his father had me literally laughing aloud - because it's better to discover that for yourself.

Through the fun journey they go on as a group, they run into new monsters, foes, government battles, strange towns....all of this may sound a little silly, but trust me when I say that it works. Embracing the stereotype was a winning technique here. It sounds like a simple story and in a way it is, but there were several surprises around the corner on what disaster could befall our main characters next.

The writing style was a delight, effortlessly putting humor in the text without seeming forced. Definitely pick this one up when you get the chance. It's definitely not a traditional zombie story. Really it's not a horror story, despite the monsters, but a humor fantasy that horror and non-horror fans alike should read. 

   Book Quotes:

"The best way to get a bit of poetry in your soul is to eat a librarian."