Cover Crush - Zebra Horror Line

  Zebra Horror Line

This now buried publisher released dozens and dozens of goodies in the late 70s, 80s, and part of the 90s. They were known for their pulpy and outrageously fun horror covers. You will likely recognize several of these by the covers and nostalgia. They liked paranormal, haunted houses, cheesy vampires, demonic activity, demented dolls, and of COURSE Evil Children.

I devoured these like book candy - at the local Goodwill they used to have a book room, mini bookstore, that I would browse and spend all my babysitting funds on. These covers drew me in immediately and the hardest decision always ended up being which to keep, which to put back.

Through this line I discovered a lot of gems - and several duds - especially with favorites like Ruby Jean Jensen, who had a large release under Zebra for these two decades.

Dolls and skeletons were IN

J.N. Williamson, Ruby Jean Jensen, Ronald Kelly and Andrew Neiderman published a lot under this line

So did William Johnstone, who I didn't know until this year was also the prolific western writer

But above all, these were cheesy fun and could rival any VHS horror cover in its day: