Book to Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

"The Last Enemy is Death"

Book Release:  2007   /    Movie Release:  2011

(Unlike other reviews on the site, the 'From Book to Movies' feature has to reveal spoilers to make sense.)

This is condensing both movies into one.

   Introduction / Brief Movie Thoughts

Before I read the books, I thought this was the best movie the first time I watched the series. I liked the dark depth and the emotions, the wrap-up was fabulous, and the tone ended the series on a powerful note. Strangely, after reading the books, the last isn't my favorite book and now this is no longer my favorite of the movie series either.

They did the Hollywood annoying trend of splitting these into two to make bigger cash-cows. Unfortunately the first movie suffered from drawn out scenes that tried the patience a little, with the ending when they get to the school being the better half. Due to the slow and dull spots, as well as getting rid of a lot of the regular characters for much of the movie, it's not as impressive. Still the music is great, acting spot on, and there's some good resolutions/wrap-ups that make this at least a 7 star out of 10 rating.

   Biggest Differences

Hermione prepared to obliterate her parent's memories in the book, but actually does it in the movie with the scene scripted and added in.

They changed a lot of the beginning where Harry has to leave the Dursley's once and for all. The book holds much more emotion and detail. Sadly the movie got rid of the emotional confusion that added such potency.

Instead of plotting for weeks about breaking into the ministry, it seems sudden and rushed in the movie. I suppose they thought it would be dull/drag it down some to draw it out. Ironic they didn't have the time since they made two movies of one story.

There is no talking portrait with Hermione, Ron and Harry helping them being led. It was a cool tool in the book but left it out in the film.

They use the invisibility cloak a lot less - it was active in the book with scenes where they disguised themselves and traveled, but in the movie it's rarely seen.

Peter Pettigrew doesn't die in the movie. In the book his own hand kills him, and they either thought it was too hard to explain, or else they thought it wasn't important enough to keep.

Aberforth tells Harry the issues of Dumbledore's family, a powerful scene, but this isn't in the movie.

Tom Riddle hid the diadem in the book, but in the movie it is The Grey Lady.

In the book Crabbe is killed in the room of requirements, but in the movie he is not there at all and does not die.

Snape's location of death is changed.

His last words to Harry in the book are 'Look at me'. In the movie it is 'Look at me. You have your mother's eyes.'

   Glad the Movie Kept

The movie took out a lot of the deaths, but they did keep one of the Weasley's. As sad as it was, I'm glad they didn't shy away from the real tragedies of the last story too much. I'm also happy they had Mrs. Weasley fight at the end, even if they changed some of the dialogue and made it a bit cheesy.

   Who is the Big Winner?

The book is definitely the big winner. Not only because of a fuller and richer story, but because it wasn't broken down into two sections that had to slow the story down considerably.

   Movie Trailer

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