Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

(Harry Potter, #7)

Harry is waiting in Privet Drive. The Order of the Phoenix is coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing - if they can. But what will Harry do then? How can he fulfil the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Professor Dumbledore has left him?

“Every second he breathed, the smell of the grass, the cool air on his face, was so precious: To think that people had years and years, time to waste, so much time it dragged, and he was clinging to each second.”

I'm sure everyone knows what I mean when I say it's both a good and a bad thing that I've finished the series. Good because I've experienced it all, bad because it's now over.

I knew the plot before going in because the last movie was the freshest in my mind, so I braced myself for the deaths that were coming, revelations that jumped out to reveal themselves, and the creative wrap-up. Rowling used her imagination at top form to show the hidden natures of some of the characters we previously viewed as villains, backstories of heroes, and twists in escaping death and losing for Harry Potter himself.

Since it was the last book, it was the darkest as the battle reigned supreme for Hogwarts and Harry and his friends - they finally had to face that final fight, leaving no one unscathed. My favorite part was definitely at the school when the battle was waging. McGonagall remains a favorite, I wish we knew about her story afterward. Bellatrix versus Mrs Weasley was an epic time, Neville standing up for his friends, and of course the sad, sad deaths that happened to some series regulars.

Truthfully some of the down parts were a little dull at times - Harry and Hermione and Ron wandering around had some interesting scenes though, such as the snake Nagiri in the Hollows scene being so creepy it was like something written out of a horror book. The scene where Harry finds the sword was awesome as well, but it just seemed like a little magic was missing when the gang was separated so long from the school and other characters. Those characters, classes, school, hiding from teachers...all of that was a strong binding substance for the story being as great as it was.

It would be nice to know more in the epilogue about what happened to some surviving characters, such as the Weasley's besides Ron and Percy, Luna and her father, and a few others. Hopefully Harry kept Kreacher around as a personal house elf for life.

The resolution was sweet since it showed the future and who the main characters got together with, as well as Harry giving an important tribute to two main characters in the naming of his son, but it did feel a little off for some reason, not sure why. It almost felt a little forced. It answers marriage and kids but what about careers and other stuff?

I know some wanted Harry to end up with another girl in the series, but I'm happy with how it ended. Even J.K. Rowling herself now says she wish she had done that differently, but I think she made the right decision the first time.

As evil as Voldemort was, he made a memorable villain. On the other side of the coin, Harry and his friends made intelligent and worthy heroes. I'll miss the school and the stories - everything from laughing and learning, to fighting and plotting. I'll miss the characters who were killed off, and wonder what happened to those left behind. I still think it would have been more interesting had a certain professor lived and played a part in the ending.

Of course this series couldn't last forever, but it's good the author wrote seven lengthy books that are impossible to forget. Long live in the magic.

   Book Quotes:

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”


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