Flight by Cherie Bennett

(Smallville for Young Adults, #3)

Before the legend...before the icon...there was a teenager named Clark Kent.

Clark meets 15-year-old Tia Haines and knows she is different. He understands that Tia's father isn't kind to her, that her mother left years ago, and that she is painfully shy. But when Clark's X-ray vision reveals that Tia is hiding a secret as big as his own, Clark is stunned. Meanwhile, a string of robberies plagues Smallville, and the only clue is a mysterious green feather. It's up to Clark to stop the crimes and keep Tia safe from harm.

My reading of the young adult series for Smallville continues - like the second, this book was an improvement over the first, creating a story for the book's sake rather than just rehashing an existing episode.

Tying the flight in with the contest and the girl's power helps Clark overcome his own fear, for the obvious future reasons. Spoiler alert: One day he's going to fly himself *gasp*

There's several Lex-centered scenes, all well written, and some throw ins with Pete-the-boss-Ross, Clingy Chloe, too-perfect Lana, and even a small scene with Lionel and a helicopter that feels out of place. Lex again acts like a big brother type, although it was funny how one of his plans goes wrong. Pete shows his typical anger toward the Luthors but still acts overjoyed when he wins the prize at the charity carnival Lex threw together. Was Chloe actually this annoying in the show, or does it come across worse in book form?

The story is a good one for this age group and type as Clark gets a new job, learns something about himself, and helps an ailing and criminal family. How they tied in Lex's failed fertilizer amused me, it's those little touches that makes this series a good read for fans of the show, even if the audience it's geared toward is young.


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