Grumpy Cat's All About Miserable Me


Grumpy Cat wants to know about you, and here's your chance to tell everything! Nobody cares about your complaints — except Grumpy Cat! Let everyone's favorite cranky feline make suggestions for revealing your pet peeves. Grumpy will encourage you to draw the ugliest sweater, make a list of the grossest foods, draw three people you sorta kinda like (love is a strong word), and gripe to your heart's content.

This is a cute journal for the Grumpy cat fan in your life that's artistic. Could be a child, could be an adult, it works either way. Grumpiness applies to us all.

It's more of a joke gag for things like: List The Five Grossest Foods, Draw the Ugliest Sweater, BEDHEAD is the worst: Draw What I look like in the morning, Thanks for the terrible birthday present: Here's what's inside.

It's a cute journal that prompts drawing and lists for the creative child/adult and is a good way to kill time.

Plus = Grumpy cat automatically earns brownie points just because its Grumpy cat.

I'm bumping to five stars for the type of journal, one for the creativity, one for grumpy cat, but three because there's so much of it - 60 pages of prompts.

Nabbed this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.