Jerry Thomas' Bartenders Guide

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Care for a Morning Glory Cocktail, a Blue Blazer, or a Philadelphia Julep? Recipes for these and hundreds of other tasty libations appear in this landmark volume. Originally published in 1862, Jerry Thomas' Bartenders Guide is widely considered by drink historians as the first serious American book on cocktails and punches.
"A new beverage is the pride of the bartender, and its appreciation and adoption his crowning glory," declared Jerry Thomas (1830–85), the most famous bartender of his era. Known as "the father of American mixology," Thomas developed the showy techniques practiced at his saloons throughout California and New York. From hot whiskey toddies to wedding punch to "temperance drinks," this extensive compilation of timeless recipes will delight modern-day mixologists and their guests.

First, I love the cover. It's artsy in that vintage coloring way I dig so much.

The book starts with to the point bartender hints and tricks. Some I knew, some I didn't. You'd think so much of this is common sense, but you would be surprised. As example of a tip I didn't know,  

 "As a general rule, shaved ice should be used when spirits form the principal ingredient of the drink, and no water employed. When eggs, milk, wine, vermouth, seltzer or other mineral waters are used in preparing a drink, it is better to use small lumps of ice, and these should always be removed from the glass before serving the customer." 

.... Since I don't have shaved ice at home, it's doubtful I'll follow this, but good to know. Unless, of course, PARTY!! There are 27 tips total.

There are so many bartending recipes in this book, it's doubtful you'll need any other guide. Plenty of cocktails and mixes - tons I haven't heard of - and each recipe includes a note of what size glass is best used.

There aren't color pictures, but there are some drawings when it's needed, which fits into the vintage colored packaging.

136 pages of just recipes and some tips, I rate this highly. It's to the point, easy to follow, and stylish in its way.

I nabbed this one from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.