Sea Jade by Phyllis A. Whitney

(No Series)

When lovely Miranda Heath, suddenly penniless, turns for help to her father's old partner, Captain Bascomb, she finds herself plunged into a whirlpool of danger. From the moment of her arrival at the gloomy Bascomb mansion in the New England port Scots Harbor, Miranda becomes the target of a strange, hostile conspiracy.

She knows she must sift out the truth by herself. She can trust no one in the bizarre household; least of all the dour Brock McLean, whom the Captain insists she marry....

An unusually good Gothic that was beautifully written and not poorly dramatic, capturing a magic of old ships and the allure of sailing the sea. Nothing paranormal or ghostly, but we do get a bratty child to scare us!

The mystery isn't award winning but it's pretty good; there were several twists not easy guessed. Not super cerebral but it kept my focus, along with enjoying the protagonist's headstrong personality. There wasn't much in the way of false death scares like most Gothics of this vein, but the story itself was still strong as she finds out about herself in the midst of her family of vipers. I enjoyed the twists about who her father was - there were different layers of backstory to make the present story richer. Clever twist with the marriage too.

I dug the main character - she possessed a spirited backbone. The hero had that personality I can understand eventually being attracted to, although he's an ass most of the book. The author threw in a little sly humor with the main character being spoiled in the beginning.

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