Camp Hell by Jordan Castillo Price

(PsyCop, #5)

Victor Bayne honed his dubious psychic skills at one of the first psych training facilities in the country, Heliotrope Station, otherwise known as Camp Hell to the psychics who've been guests behind its razorwire fence.

Vic discovered that none of the people he remembers from Camp Hell can be found online, and there’s no mention of Heliotrope Station itself, either. Someone's gone through a lot of trouble to bury the past. But who?

Camp Hell is the best of the series up until book 5. The story has always had intense bedroom play between the main characters, but it was becoming overdone to where it was drowning out actual plot. In the fifth book, I'm happy to say the storyline takes more of a focus, returning to the mystery element and the involvement of different psy agencies and their double-crossing.

The story is longer and layered without a criminal case in sight this time. Instead Vic has to take some much needed personal introspection time trying to deal with some past demons that keep haunting him. There's a lot of paranoia when Vic discovers his life is more monitored and potentially controlled than he likes, so he has to decide who to trust once and for all. There is a betrayer in the midst that he didn't see, although I did guess...kind of obvious.

Crash is more prominent (he's fun), and Jacob is still a solid supporting character who brings spice to the psych pair. It was intriguing to see some of Vic's background and meeting someone he used to be involved with. That camp certainly sounds like a brutal and torturous place!

What sex was there was hot, of course, but there were also those sweet moments that makes the pairing completely swoon worthy. Their friends are fun and damaged additions themselves, which adds to the story.

   Book Quotes:

“I've never liked the word team. I've always equated it with being picked last and getting nailed in the groin with a dodgeball.”