The Reluctant Hero by Michael Ishida

(No Series)

Through a life threatening disease, Luke attains a strength greater than humanity was ever intended to have; he is transformed into a Deviant - a being that can lift thousands of pounds, move at speeds faster than cars, and withstand incredible amounts of force. He can’t help but wonder whether his powers are a blessing or a curse as his life devolves to one of tragedy and reluctant heroism.

The Reluctant Hero is a cute, inspiring book that would be ideal for a middle-school age young adult to read, especially if they're into superheroes.

An average boy gets unusual powers and must spend time not only adjusting to new abilities, but in challenging his outlook on life and how he himself can become a hero instead of a mere bystander.

There's a little touch of Peter Parker regret when it comes to his father, but that story-line always makes interesting background material. There are a lot of pop culture references to make the book seem more relatable, like The Walking Dead marathons with a best friend.

Overall the story is a heart-warming one that concentrates heavily on the bonding of friends, family, and doing the right thing.

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