Henry and the Paper Route

(Henry Huggins, #4)

Henry Huggins can't wait until he turns eleven years old, so he can have a paper route like his friend Scooter McCarthy. Henry wants to prove to the route manager that he is responsible enough to handle the job right now. First he thinks of giving away free kittens with newspaper subscriptions, and then his advertising scheme helps his class win the newspaper drive. But he still doesn't have a paper route. Will Ramona Quimby, making a real pest of herself, help Henry get the job he wants so much?

Another cute book from Beverly Cleary, and another children's book off my shelf and ready to be donated.

Ramona and Beezus are in this one, and again I would be so tempted to slap the bratty Ramona across the room. Henry is cute with the kittens and the paper project - perhaps he does actually have a job in advertising waiting for him in the future. I doubt kids are this determined in real life, although there may actually be those motivated go-getters out there. 

The story takes a little while to grow interesting, but once he actually tries doing the paper and gets the animals, kids should enjoy the story further. Unfortunately there's not much humor.