The Incubus and The Others by Trent St. Germain

(No Series)

Marcus Lanehart has lived a lonely life in San Diego. He is haunted by recent loss in his personal life, as well as being disowned by his family for being gay. Most of the aristocratic, wealthy, and right-wing Lanehart family still live under one roof at Ten Points, a 197-year-old former cotton plantation in north Louisiana.

Marcus returns home after the death of his father, but a dysfunctional family of characters is the least of what awaits. His sister Flannery, a pariah for reasons only a select few seem to know about, is also begrudgingly welcomed back. It soon becomes clear their older brother Geoffrey has fallen under the influence of a demon named Conrad, whose sadistic and sometimes sexual manipulation of the household—and uninvited invasion of Marcus’ dreams—sets the stage for the affluent family’s ultimate destruction.

A book that - despite three star rating - is hard to put down. The writing is clumsy at first but improves. A little cheesy but also a little different. It's just not something easy to look away from for some reason.

After the beginning, there is no real main character besides perhaps the incubus. Marcus fades into the background, and different characters share page time. Some are likeable, some are annoying, which is the way these things usually go. Most of them end up damned in some way or another to where it loses a little of the oomph effect.

Marcus is definitely the best character. He has compassion but temper. He's not annoying like the family who shunned him for being gay. I disliked the vamp angle because really it just became annoying. I didn't want so many changed and sticking around. The stereotype was obnoxious. And while Conrad was supposed to be this intimidating and scary creature, no one seemed scared of him for long. That almost made it comedic, but it probably wasn't meant to be.

This isn't a real incubus feel unfortunately, but the book is worth a read. I expected a more complex twist at the end and not everything added up.

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