5 Christmas Gifts From the Book World I Wish I Owned

Magical Wardrobe that leads to Narnia - although let's pick the happier times Narnia, not the winter bewitched one, or the one that's now past.Best thing about this vacation is you don't use up any real time on the regular side of things. Need to distress and live another life for a few years? No problem, just step through the wardrobe, it will only have you gone minutes! Not enough time in a day to do what you want and get a good night's sleep? Step through the wardrobe, enjoy a few hours leisure, come back to the responsible stuff without time lost.


Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak - could you imagine how this would come in handy? Want to spy on the random conversation? Need to sneak in and grab something where you won't be caught? Trying to pass by the boss to your desk when you're late for work? Don't feel like throwing on clothes to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night but people are up in the house? Short on cash? Enter the perfect present.


The talking Tea set from Alice in Wonderland - as much as I enjoy my quiet tea time by the fire, sometimes it's nice to have special company. Especially one with a matching tea cup that's adorable, and a teapot with attitude when it's needed, encouragement and support when you need a shoulder to cry on, and mothering when your sick. If this existed, it'd likely be out of my price range like the other tea sets I drool over...


Magical potions and objects - actual magic existing in the world would make it more interesting. Stories have shown us negative consequences, but let's cross our fingers and hope for the positive. Magical schools, gifted people, spells, spellbooks, potions, wands, brooms, the skys the limit. I wouldn't shrug off a superhero-themed world either, whether I was the one with powers or else they existed. Something as numerous as the X-Men or as rare as the Justice League.

The Inn from The Innkeeper series - takes "smart house" to a whole other level. We're getting there slowly anyway with things like Echo, but we're far off from magical inns.

Self-healing would save a fortune on repair bills, self-diagnosis would show the plumbing problems without the expensive plumber,  ideal rooms created for the occasion, shield to protect itself, keeps anyone off your property. Perfect house.

Could you imagine the perfect reading nooks this thing could create? 


Magic Carpets from Aladdin, One Thousand and One Nights and other miscellaneous tales.

Set on slow speed, would be a nifty way for short travel.

For now I guess I'll have to settle for a hot air balloon ride.