Broken by Kelley Armstrong

(Women of the Otherworld, #6)

In this thrilling new novel from the author of Industrial Magic, a pregnant werewolf may have unwittingly unleashed Jack the Ripper on twenty-first-century—and become his next target.

Ever since she discovered she’s pregnant, Elena Michaels has been on edge. After all, she’s never heard of another living female werewolf, let alone one who’s given birth. But thankfully, her expertise is needed to retrieve a stolen letter allegedly written by Jack the Ripper. As a distraction, the job seems simple enough—only the letter contains a portal to Victorian London’s underworld, which Elena inadvertently triggers—unleashing a vicious killer and a pair of zombie thugs.

Now Elena must find a way to seal the portal before the unwelcome visitors get what they’re looking for—which, for some unknown reason, is Elena.

“We sacrificed a mosquito. I bet that's what did it. It was probably a virgin too.”

I was happy to finally return to Elena's point of view after being away from her voice for a few books. This turned out to be the weakest of the first three starring Elena's POV, but it's still worth checking out.

We get plenty of Elena, Clay, Jeremy, Jaime, and the setting of Toronto with an unusual historical mystery involving magic. The Jack-The-Ripper lore was certainly unique although not my favorite side-plot of the series. I kind of missed Stonehaven, but the dirty, gritty feel worked well.

The book focuses mainly on Elaine's pregnancy, how overprotective Jeremy and Clay are about it, and her personal fears about changing and endangering the child. Some of it got a little tiresome, but overall I liked the overprotective wolves and thought it cute. Elena's fears were justified but I'm glad she got over some of it. I would worry about shifting causing a miscarriage, so can understand the reasoning.

Jaime comes aboard and I enjoyed her scenes. She's one of my top favorites and I love her crush on Jeremy. She gets awkward and trips over everything when the alpha shows up. On the downside she was kind of treated like crap a few times. I definitely wouldn't keep crushing on someone like that without some reciprocity by now.

Zoe is a new character...she's fun. I'm not as crazy about the vampires in this series but she's humorous and quirky. Tee fascinated me with her creepy, insane energy. Villains worked - I kind of saw the hidden twist but guessing in advance didn't deter from the story-line.

The zombie angle was definitely different, and the story-line was a little cheesy, but it was over the top creative and well structured. 


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“That's the problem dealing with nonwerewolves," I said. "They lack that critical 'you are Alpha, you are right' gene.”

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