New-To-Me Authors I read for the First time in 2016

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I read for the first time in 2016

Okay, yes, last Tuesday has passed (majorly), but I just noticed this one and wanted to do. Sometimes it's better late than never, and sometimes its just obnoxious, but I'm hoping this one slides through.

  • Edward Lorn impressed me with his writing style in the dark drama 'Bay's End'. I look forward to trying out more of his novels.
  • Greg Gifune also came highly rated in the horror reading community. Children of Chaos turned out to be an excellent demented thriller that was tough to put down.
  • T.J. Klune's writing style in the serious M/M drama/romance Wolfsong also impressed me, and although I'll read more of stuff, some will be misses for me because of the themes.
  • Newcomer Katherine Arden gives me high hopes for her future novels, of which I'll definitely read, especially if they involve surreal concepts and fairy tales again. The Bear and The Nightingale was excellent.
  • Sam Argent delighted me with her writing style as well in Family of Lies: Sebastian. Humor blends with winning personalities. Can't wait for the sequel.

  • Naomi Novak dared to be a bit different in 'Uprooted'. I'll check out her future works in the YA world and wherever else she may venture.
  • Jacqueline Carey may not have been perfect with her Agent of Hel trilogy, but the first book was an easy five star rating. Liked her writing so will definitely be on the look-out for other offerings.
  • Jordan Castillo Price turned out to be a fun writer with her PsyCop series. Another one I'm surprised I took too long to find.
  • L.J. Shen has now penned one of my favorite hetero adult romance novels of all time - Sparrow. Loved her writing and can't wait to read more of her unique style.
  • Cleo Coyle made me laugh several times with her coffeeshop themed mystery series. I look forward to more of that series, as well as trying out her haunted bookshop one.