Cover Crush: Robert McCammon

Robert McCammon

The author has been around a long time, and his books seem to be particularly blessed with some wicked covers. There are some horrible ones hiding in here, especially foreign, but overall his covers draw the eye.

General Cover Thoughts

It's surprising that Swan Song, being one of McCammon's most popular novels, doesn't offer many excellent options for covers. These two are the best despite having multiple editions out. I enjoy both versions of these two for Blue World, although the last is my favorite. Really captures the end of the world vibe amid the blue.

Many readers would debate that A Boy's Life is McCammon's masterpiece. Clearly a bicycle is a common art theme in the covers, but there are others that work without the bike. I'm happy to see this brilliant novel has so many cover options for fans. I can't choose a favorite. It may not have as much variety, but it has the most winning concepts in number.

Usher's Passing is his second book with the greatest variety of groovy covers for bibilophiles to seek out. I love the creepiness mixing with the fun cheese for the pumpkin. The large eyes with the castle, and the one with the hill remind me of some of his other book cover art under the same publisher. Finally, the misty and artsy one with the person walking through the gate is sublime.

Wolf's Hour is another one that has so many variations that work that I had to include all four. You can see similarities with the theme used by the publisher in books like Usher's Passing with two of these. All work, but the last one that is a foreign edition is definitely my favorite - menacing!

Bethany's Sin has haunting covers - beautifully done. There is one more that I love which is even creepier than these, but I'll end the post with it when I mention his creepiest covers. I can't pick a favorite, it's a tie between the first, third and final. They all have something working for them. The first has the charm of the 80s/90s feel of novels, the third has beautiful coloring and the paranormal vibe, and the last, that horse!

Again so hard to choose! All of these scream "Vampire". I think the classiest classic vibe is the second cover with the large castle and the bats. The third is such fun and would also make a great graphic novel cover. The last is epic in that it's creative in an old-fashioned way.

Other random covers that work well. I own The Night Boat but actually didn't enjoy it, may be my least favorite from the author. Still, I can't resist the covers. I Travel by Night has one of the best covers ever for a noir western feel.

Leftover Cover Thoughts

The first gets the most Disturbing award. The second is the creepiest. The third I'm uncertain on but may be the cheesiest that works. And the last for the worst cheesy offering that doesn't work.