Dance with the Devil by Megan Derr

(Dance with the Devil, #1)

Even in a world of secrets and misfits, Chris stands apart, an unusual product of black magic that left him born half-ghost. Long used to being bullied and maligned for his strangeness, he spends his days helping the paranormals that everyone else forgets about.

But the people he hunts and the mysteries he solves take him along unusual paths, many of them dangerous. Chris has never been a fan of running from a fight—even the fight that takes him to the door of the most dangerous man in the city.

I liked grouchy Chris and amusing Sable, and the concept of the basic story was intriguing. Derr was imaginative with the short stories, but it wasn't what I was expecting, and I wasn't a fan of the stories told out of order. I get some of the reasoning but it hurt the enjoyment some.

There were also a few holes that bugged me. Semi-spoilish, but if consorts are so important and they know 'right away when they first set eyes on a person', why did Sable (spoiler)

wait months after their first meeting to see him again? And then wait a year before telling Chris and making it official?
There could have been more steam too, but I think the short story interruptions was a small part of that. Had a lot more potential for on-page sizzle than what ended up happening.

Overall glad I read it - was hard to put down and I couldn't wait to see what happened while reading it. The format was creative but not my favorite, and based on a few nuances I wrote above, can only give a 'good' rating instead of a great one. Looks like the rest of the series focuses on other characters as the mains, and not sure about the anthology format for those.

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“Perhaps love was worth any and all sacrifice, but that love was of no comfort to those who were sacrificed.”

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