IT is coming....and Georgie hits his head

To say I'm excited about this movie would be an understatement.

For ten years whenever the discussion turned toward the redundant remakes in movie topics, the only movie I mentioned wanting remade was Stephen King's IT. While the original TV miniseries wasn't a bad movie, taking such a serious and horrifying piece of work and converting it into a watered-down PG-13 made-for-TV miniseries seemed almost criminal. The series kept a lot of faithfulness to the storyline, but it had to cut corners to keep it suitable for TV. The budgetary restrictions of this medium showed too with inconsistent acting, limited special effects and timing constraints.

We won't be forgetting Tim Curry as the epic clown (he was perfectly suited), but I'm looking forward to a more faithful creation that embraces the darkness and extreme horror of the original story.

Speaking of that, already the trailer is dishing out controversy.

In the trailer with the infamous Georgie chasing the paper boat scene, it shows the boy bonking his head on a warning road sign. I saw people commenting that they are mad at the remake for changing this from the movie, and that they don't think it's needed, that they...

But wait a minute, some are (for good reason) pointing out.

IT is NOT a remake of the movie! It is another take on bringing the book to screen. It doesn't matter if the first movie didn't stick to the book as faithfully.

 This brings up the same argument with John Carpenter's The Thing. People say that was a great remake. That was not a remake either. The original 'The Thing' used the novel loosely to make a movie. The second version was John Carpenter wanting to make a movie based on the original story and with its original concept. He was not remaking the first film, which followed the book's plotline poorly.

Georgie may not have hit his head in the first movie, but he hit his head in the NEW movie - and, guess what? He hit his head in the book, so we can't gripe about that part of the trailer.

However, we did get this hilarious meme out of the whole deal, so the controversy isn't all bad :)

There are also many comments on Youtube on the trailer saying they are happy this movie will only be two hours for the story, because the miniseries "drew" things out.  To clear this up, this movie will be part one, and the second movie will hopefully be out next year. Since the book was over 1,000 pages and divided into two parts, that explains there being two movies, and an almost four hour miniseries.

Now, if only I had this much excitement for the long-awaited Dark Tower movie. So many changes have been made that I can no longer say that :(

The teaser trailer has finally been released this week, and it looks fun already

Hopefully the movie does well in theaters - I have a feeling it will. My generation grew up on this movie, and there's a new generation who finds clowns eerie. Stephen King fans, even those not into horror, will flock to the theater in droves. Excited this one is finally getting an actual theater release since it's been considered one of King's greatest lifetime achievements. Let's cross our finger and hope they do it justice!

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