2017 Summer Reading Library Theme

I enjoy tracking each year's official reading theme that the libraries and schools participate in.

Being a superhero fan, I loved 2015's theme celebrating Superheroes, and 2014's theme of Science was creative with mad scientists, potions, robots and steampunk. 2013's main theme was digging and exploring, with the adult going into the "groundbreaking" zombie theme. (get it, get it?? *nudge, nudge*) I didn't do a post for 2012's own the Night, but I still love the cross graphic of Scarlett reading Frankenstein by a picture of Frankenstein reading Gone with the Wind. 2016 focused on athletics and getting the body moving as much as the mind.

2017 is "Build a Better World."  It may be inspired by the heated political climate that's been brewing in America considered the last presidential election and protest climate. It also may be nodding toward changes we've made on a cultural level like immigration and gay marriage. Whatever the case, the theme is about everyone working together to make the world a better place. It also could just be focused on building and imagination, since a lot of the libraries on Pinterest show they're focusing on projects involving building with blocks, legos, sticks and misc craft items.

While most years do a different slogan focused on a central theme for each age group, 2017 did the same slogan for all age groups, which isn't quite as enjoyable, but it does apply to all age groups that we each need to work on building a better world.

As with other years, it's broken into three sections by age group:
  • Children (Pre-K and older)
  • Teen
  • Adult




What do you think about this year's summer reading theme? It's cute, colorful, and inspiring, but isn't one of my favorites.