Summer Reading List Collection 2017

I keep seeing Summer Reading List recommendations pop up on my Twitter and other feeds, so thought I would share some of the love here. Many of these are related to celebrities or well-known figures, others leading websites in the book world, and others random book bloggers who have good themed suggestions to fit the summer reading mood and plans.

I read a little less during the summer in comparison to the rest of the year since I'm busier with other stuff (mainly my son), but it's a fun time of the year because it seems a new enthusiasm is ignited among the reading community. We have the summer reading programs that come through with their theme for the libraries, reading challenges and read-a-thons that are summer themed, new weekly events from book sites like Goodreads. People who go to school throughout the year will enjoy extra time to stay buried in a book, and beach-lovers will enjoy flipping the pages under the summer sun while enjoying the weather. Personally speaking I enjoy the rainy season that visits in Florida summer months, as rain is one of the best audio backgrounds to read with.

5 Good Summer Reads by Bill Gates

Bill Gates reads an interesting variety of books, being an avid reader, so I sat up and took some notice when he recommended five books to dig into for the summer months on his personal website. He seems to be focusing on diversity and broadening your horizons to focus on people stepping into shoes that may not be what they normally wear themselves. I started Born a Crime last month myself, which made me pay more attention to this list this week.

He also did a cute video. Cute videos about books are always appreciated, right?

Elle Fashion's 24 Books to Read This Summer

Focusing on women and diversity, this is a large list of popular fiction. Several of these are already on my wishlist.

Goodreads Summer Week 

The book giant's website has focused an entire week on summer reading, including a list of recommendations from select fiction and non-fiction authors. They've compiled a list of what they consider to be the hottest books for this summer. Included is another list for audiobooks exclusively.

10 Mysteries

Traveling with T has compiled a list of 10 Mysteries to check out for the summer months, compiled by Erin from Deep South Magazine. As noted, some are out now and some will be out in later summer months.

The New York Times

The New York Times has always been a forerunner in literary recommendations and bookseller success. Check out their recommendations for the summer reads that have made their editors sit up and take notice.  They also did a summer list from authors who own bookstores.


They list 22 books they recommend you read this summer. Several of them are to be released in later summer months.

Electric Lit

One of the more interesting lists is focused on 10 books for Country Goth. As the website describes, "Chavisa Woods breaks down the essential books for class-conscious readers who like their literature dark and rural."  It's a genre I enjoy so I definitely need to check some of these books out. I appreciate they are not all new releases.


I love the publisher and their inventiveness. They focus mainly on sci-fi, fantasy and horror. They have created a new list featuring 8 Chilling Reads from around the world to offer some diversity of location in your horror-themed reading.

Harpers Bazaar

The magazine has listed seven books they think readers will enjoy this summer season. I've noticed Rich People Problems has been topping several of the lists.
The Seattle Times

Recommendations come from Art critic Moira Macdonald. I'm happy to see Killers of the Flower Moon, which I'm just starting. Some of the suggestions on this list don't match all the other big name popular ones, so that's a nice change.
Book Recommendations from the smartest people we know
From First Round Review, they compiled a list from people they respect, especially tech pioneers.
Brightly - The Ultimately Summer YA List
YA fans will want to check out Brightly's list. They feature standalones and books that will continue series. Their list reminds me I still need to check out Caraval one of these days.
Has some of the best recommendations - 10 books with completely different plots, not all mainstream dramas but some fantasy, science-fiction and thrillers. Definitely want to check some of these out.