Death's Shadow by Darren Shan

The Demonata, #7

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The apocalypse came and the world burned. But it wasn't the end, and out of the destruction, new life has emerged. Bec is back to face the Demonata. After centuries of imprisonment, she's more powerful than ever, but the demons no longer stand alone.

Something has crawled out of the darkness with her. Lord Loss is no longer humanity's greatest threat...

“Normal people don’t know how lucky—how blessed—they are.”

This creepy-ass cover houses one of the best - and saddest - of the series.While the first books dealt with Lord Loss and the dangers of the demonata (such a wicked yet cool word), we have now realized there is an even greater foe to face. Finally this book reveals who is under the mask and it's not someone I was guessing. It's a big game changer since it completely changes the focus and aims of not just the demons, but now of those who fight them off. Stakes were already grim enough when it was just the demons wanted to torment human and break through, but this full-time apocalypse, just destroy everything deal? It went from bad to worse and worse some more.

Shan's writing style stays true and he's never been one to shy away from morbid and violent descriptions despite a young adult tag. This one is even grimmer than most since we lose two series regulars in depressing battle scenes. The grim tone doesn't give a feel-good story but it does stay a twisted, intriguing one.

Too much major mojo happens to call this one a filler, but it's a strong bridge to the next books and the overall plot to come. None of these should be skipped if you want the full effect of the series, but this one especially needs to be read if you want to follow the storyline while feeling the full oomph of what happens. Recaps in the next novel just won't cut it if you skipped this one.

Bec is a creative and enjoyable lead to read through - we haven't been in her head since the early books so it was a nice change to see her here in full reveal, even if half of the time she is spent having to recapture what is left of Bill-E for Dervish's sake. I still love Dervish even if he's a pain at times, but that's understandable considering his overwhelming loss. There is a strong bitter feel in this book when he and Grubbs have to be separated so long, it gives this big sacrificial, hopeless vibe that's just a downer. Necessary but nasty.

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“It's the darkness when a light is quenched, the silence when a sound fades. It takes the final breath from the smallest insect and the mightiest king. It knows us all, stalks us all, and in the end claims us all.”

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