Smallville: Buried Secrets

Smallville Young Adult, #7

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Since its remarkable premiere, Smallville, the WB's hottest new show, has received rave reviews and is watched by over 6.5 million viewers every week. In the Smallville book series, fans join young Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor on original adventures, complete with all the strange happenings that Smallville fans love! In this riveting new Smallville adventure, Clark and Lex Luthor's shared romantic interest uncovers information about Clark that no one else knows. But Lex will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

Buried Secrets is one of the best of the middle school Smallville series.

It's not consistent with the timeline of the show and takes liberties with that to invent a plot, true, but the invented story was more interesting than most of the others. Clark has fallen hard for his teacher, who has powers of her own, but so has Lex. There's some complications there, as well as a particularly well done scene of confrontation. Lex helps make these books more interesting. There's also plenty of Pete, who is fun to have around, and the general crew of the Smallville team (parents and the other kids.)

Unfortunately Clark keeps mooning over Lana the way he did on the show, so the back and forth with the relationship angst and Lana wondering what to do with Whitney was as trying in paper form as it was on the TV show. At least the teacher gives Clark a little bit of a break for someone else to daydream over.


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