Nightfall by John Farris

No Series


His heritage is violence and terror. A creature of nightmare, shunning at that is good in mankind, he kills without warnings, without mercy. Only once has his prey escaped.

Scarred emotionally and physically, Anita fled to the sanctuary of Lostman's Bayou. But the quiet of the swamps holds no peace - she cannot escape the terror. Angel will find her. Then she will die.

I've heard oodles of praise for John Farris so was excited to try him, although maybe I should have started with another book in my collection. This one wasn't bad, but it held a lot of plot tropes I'm over and don't enjoy reading about much - psycho serial killers pursuing a victim that got away. Just not my bag.

The plot wasn't completely original, but the characterization of the main characters was well-done. I like how the heroine isn't traditionally naive or wide-eyed like they usually are in these kinds of stories. The kid was endearing rather than annoying. The small-town, swamp background was a setting I enjoy.

Pacing isn't bad and the writing style makes it a quick read, but overall the story is a little mediocre.

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