One Dark Night by Jaid Black

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When Dr. Nikki Adenike's rendezvous with an Internet playmate turns into a life-and-death fling with the serial killer called "Lucifer," she manages to escape--into the arms of the detective investigating the case. But the danger is far from over--and a newfound passion is just beginning.

A good and different sort of romance book. It is to be considered both a thriller suspense-romance, but also an unconventional romance that involves the D/s world (lightly).

Dr. Nikki Adenike has a curious draw toward the darker fantasy life, but with her busy schedule there's not much time to meet potential non-boring candidates. After taking to the personal columns, she encounters the ideal master who instead may be tied up with a serial killing spree. Fun stuff. Enter a brooding, determined detective and things get even wilder.

First, on the thriller aspect. It was a well-written side mystery. There were red herrings and misleading evidence to frustrate the detectives, some close scares and calls for the heroine, a best friend making her mark with the psychic warning vibe, and confused cops frustrated by their lack of progress hunting down a 9-year spree serial killer. I wasn't surprised at the final villain, though, because he was sort of the only one left in the pot.

The murders are pretty gruesome and there's a few, so the story mainly focuses on this, but the relationship with Nikki and Thomas rocked as well. It may be kinky but the focus was on the romantic bond. Steam existed too, trust me, well written even in the dialogue department (where a lot of times this can fall short!)

I liked how Thomas wasn't conventional either. He reminds me of a gruff man with a sweet heart underneath who really wants to bond with someone. Nikki is smart - she even does background checks on the guy online - and her reasoning for her experiments aren't silly at all. They're logical and make sense with the character and what she wants. It's not written in a silly way at all.

The play is kept light since it's mainly mental, but it's fun! Fans of this stuff will be pleased.

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