Another Place in Time (Anthology)

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Welcome to another place in time...where one can be swept away into lands and eras long forgotten.

This collection of short stories was birthed because a sworn "I don't like historicals" reader fell in love with what have become some of her favorite books by most of her favorite writers. Surprisingly, they were all historicals. Determined to make others feel the love, these authors were asked to contribute small tastes of how amazing historical storytelling can be.

Along with a foreword written by Alex Beecroft, enjoy these original short stories that make up "Another Place in Time".

An excellent offering of short stories. Most of them are first-time meets and encounters, but there are two that are established relationships.

The anthology took some of the greatest m/m authors and put them into one book, all with historical themes. It was a common theme to have returning war heroes, battled and discouraged, although there was a paranormal element in the Whybourne and Griffin investigation.

Although I enjoyed all of them, my favorites were definitely the first three.

Office Romance by Tamara Allen was well-written and focused on office struggle and politics by two who were competing for the same job they both needed. It was such a sweet ending and a good turn-out all around.

For my top favorite, it would be Introducing Mr. Winterbourne by Joanna Chambers, which pits two completely different men together, at first against their will, but they soon find that their personalities compliment each other and that they have the bedroom action in common.

I'm surprised I hadn't read The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh by KJ Charles yet since I'm such a KJ Charles fan and love that series, but I hadn't, and now that I have it was a delight. I loved Ash from the series but never thought much about Francis since he seemed to disappear in the background from other books, but his obsessive infatuation here gripped my heart and there was definitely steam rising from the pages. Loved it.

If you're a fan of historical m/m, you definitely need to read these six short stories.

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