Greed by Cherie Bennett

Smallville, Young Adults #9

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If you were rich, what would you do with all that money? Pete Ross knows how he'd handle his finances - he'd live the good life, full of yacht excursions and caviar. But when Pete and his friends become counselors at a summer camp for underprivileged kids, his vision of the high life quickly changes. He decides that he wants to accrue great wealth not for himself, but for those who are less fortunate. He's on a mission and he'll achieve his goal any way he can - even by using Clark's powers!

Ah, Pete The-Boss-Ross, he always cracked me up. Either on the show or in the books. Sure he's a little ignorant and stubborn but his dorky humor endears me. Here he decides to cross the friendship line and convince Clark to help him win a bet, which has a good turn-out until he turns around and screws it up again.

Taken out of Smallville into a campground that Lex is financing to mix Metropolis kids for a different perspective on living, Clark and the crew act as counselors. When he's not fawning over Lana who must have a meteor power of her own for attracting men, he's debating Pete about morals and his powers, trying to keep Lex from guessing his secret when he does an almost impossible basketball shot, and sugar-sweet talking all villains down from their crimes.

There was something that stood out - when Clark almost drowned and saw his birth parents, who are this point he knew little about. Ah, that annoying meteor rock, it really gets in the way. Clark gets into so many near hospital rides in this book because of Lex's reactions and overreactions.

Better than a few of them but far from the best of the group, it's worth reading for Smallville fans if you have it laying around. The plot is simple but it works well enough to keep attention, although characterization feels a little off. I like how they slid in another child's powers in there with the overarching moral lesson of not using people for greed.

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