Dragon Mystics by Jaymin Eve

Supernatural Prison, #2

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When the formidable power of Jessa Lebron's mark was unleashed, during her impulsive foray into Vanguard, the American supernatural prison, she learned the truth. She's a dual shifter: wolf, and as an added bonus, dragon - of the fluffy persuasion. Yep, she's one special cupcake. Now, pursued by the Four, powerful hunters of the dragon marked, she has no choice but to run. At least she has her impossibly gorgeous and infuriating best friends by her side, the Compass quads. Not only are they powerful and hella useful in a fight, but most of the time they're also semi-entertaining too. With only one month left until the supposed resurrection of the dragon king, this pack will find out soon enough what happens in the world of the dragon mystics.

“I’m going to stop you right there, because the crazy train has already left the station and I think you missed your seat.”

Continuing right where the first, Dragon Marked, left off, Jessa has to deal with the new revelation of her and her twin's unique marks, finding horrors hidden in a prison system that is showing itself more tricky and corrupt than anyone figured, come to terms with what the legends of her mark means and the uprising war potential with the old king.

As strong as the first in terms of action, the story takes off further with taking liberties on their location. Gone is the mere existing in town as the group breaks into prisons and meets new people (finally.) There is a hefty change for one of the Compass brother, Maximus, who finds a somewhat suitable companion that creates some minor ripples. The sister is growing on me the more I read the series since at first I was uncertain, but now she's a sweet - if not slightly angsty - compadre....until she does something weird and sides with people other than family. Never a good idea; I wanted to throttle her by the end of the book instead of sisterly hugs. Braxton gets to flex his muscles and show his possessiveness and interest in Jessa (enter "like" checkmark here).

The dual mate possibility is just odd. It leaves enough doubt on if a love triangle will brew, or if this is just not an official confirmation of how silly it is to even consider Jessa would go after someone other than Braxton. I mean, really now, that would be a giant slap to the reader when its pretty obvious from page one these two have been basically bonded to the hip since birth.

The book works well not only because of the nifty world-building (there's so many paranormals that fill this pot), but because of the characters. The brothers may be slightly cliche at times, but Jessa shows herself to be a strong and likeable protagonist. Louis as the witch steals every page he graces. Even Jessa's father is a character gem - have to like the man's dedication to his family.

I don't read much New Adult, but you can't tell the age exception much reading this. I wouldn't have even thought of it unless I was looking at tags to see what I read that fit a reading challenge I had on the sideline. There's some steam but nothing overly pure or unconvincing about these characters - they've been living steadily for awhile without any wide-eyed innocence of youth.

If you enjoyed the first, you'll lap this one up because it takes existing relationships and makes them stronger, adds in a lot of plot twists, surprises and changes for the story-line.

Sadly these books end on cliffhangers, but thankfully the full series is out and ready for binging.

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“He had our Jessa, and blood would rain across the world until we got her back.”

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