Yes, I didn't update September even though I kept meaning too - I'll slip in a mini recap of it with October.

The months have been busy and I've been steadily reading. Fall is my favorite time of the year - Florida doesn't have a strong Fall change with weather but there were plenty of Fallish activities that kept me busy.

I put some reviews up and some Book-to-Film features for Halloween week. A few articles and random things. Let the recapping begin...

   General Stuff

As I've mentioned, Fall and Halloween are top favorites for me. I was delighted that this year opened up different trips and chances to do something different in September and October.  I didn't end up going to The Shining Special Dinner and Movie event on Halloween night at the Polk Theater as planned and ended up doing very little on Halloween night other than help my mother and aunt pass out some candy to some adorable costume-wearing kiddies, but the rest of the month was so busy I was tired by this point anyway.

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Street Performer at Universal Horror Nights - Love how this picture turned out
naturally blurry in the background without effects being used.
At the end of September, I went with a group of friends to the seasonal opening weekend for Orlando's Universal Horror Nights. The main themed houses this year were The Shining, Saw, Ash Versus The Evil Dead, and American Horror Story (again).  The side themed houses were Horrors of Blumhouse, Dead Waters, The Fallen, Scarecrow: The Reaping, and The Hive.

Of course we didn't get to see all the houses in one night, and skipped all performance shows in order to maximize time in houses, a coffee shop and the Harry Potter town a bit (let's just say I'm now a lifelong fan of their Butterbeer Frozen Drink and that they have fantastic Peach Fizzing Tea...). The Shining was the best house of the group since they put a lot of heart into recreating the major elements and scenes from the movie - like The Exorcist last year, the movie themed tribute was the winner. American Horror Story wasn't bad, mixing Coven with Roanoke and Asylum, but it was a little inconsistently done. Ash Vs The Evil Dead was the second favorite of the evening, setting up the mood nicely with the outside decorations and having a lot of fun with it. We also tried out Scarecrow (which had an overdose of jump scares and was well done) and Dead Waters.

We also got to try out a local place for the first time called Sir Henry's Haunted Trail. It was atmosphere intense - all "walks" were outside with props, trees, and fog effects. Due to Hurricane Irma damage, a similar attraction called Ominous Descent opened their trail on Sir Henry's property. We did that one and the Witch's trail - loved it - it's definitely going to be a yearly thing from here on out.

Old Drugstore in St. Augustine, Florida
We went to see the Burlesque show, Moxie's Le Femme, at a local restaurant. Fun group and everything was Halloween themed - seeing a rendition of Beetlejuice, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and finding some new music to dig up and purchase was a treat.

Finally, I had a short trip to my favorite city St. Augustine this year with a visiting Aunt from Texas - I convinced my son to join us, which wasn't an easy feat since he's hard to drag anywhere! We had fun in our short trip. During the ghost tour I finally saw my first paranormal activity in the city, which I hadn't expected, at the old drugstore. It involved a shiny cobalt blue bottle while listening to a legend of an Indian. I was standing by the Tolomato Indian Placemark set in the store. The water was beautiful as always there - sitting on the balcony reading with the breeze while staring at sailboats on the water is officially the best place I've found to read.

   What I Read This Month

If not up already, reviews will be up soon.

September - 
The theme was mainly Mystery with a few other oddballs thrown in.

October -
The theme was mainly Paranormal

   New Bookish Buys

Most of these were cheap e-book deals and specialties for the holiday season. A decent mixture of genres.

   What I'm Watching

I haven't been watching a lot of TV - but Hell's Kitchen is addicting as always, especially this year since they have brought back the All-Stars for the first time, bring on the drama. I still have stayed away from the return of Supernatural and The Flash (procrastinating), got behind on the return of Gotham (even though it was a great return), and have been binge watching old seasons of Seventh Heaven on Hulu that now I noticed it was on there. The return of Walking Dead was a bit confusing but a strong start. I'm a few episodes behind American Horror Story but so far am consistently enjoying the strange, politically-charged season.

   What I'm Listening To

It's Halloween so I'll toss up this year's Halloween playlist, which starts with a few gag songs and this dishes out further vintage children's type of record tunes. These are fun when you're in the mood for them.

   Website Progress

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