Wait For What Will Come by Barbara Michaels

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She was the last of an ancient Cornish clan, and Carla Tregellas had inherited the pride of her family name - a huge mansion that loomed high above the jagged cliffs of Cornwall. She felt at home there right from the start, for everyone seemed so kind and welcoming. Everyone except Mrs. Pendennis, the eccentric housekeeper who advised Carla to leave at once to deter a tragic and inevitable fate. But Carla could not leave - for the invisible bonds of an ancestral curse were just beginning to take hold...

‘Wait for what will come’ is one of Barbara Michael’s most fascinating stories, set in a crumbling house by the cliffs of the sea.

Deliciously gothic blended with a modern feel. The writing is – as usual – spot on for this genre type. There are some brushes of paranormal touching the lives of skeptics, and I wish the author had done a wee bit more with it, but I like the surprise ending when you’re left wondering if it’s all logic and science, or if there is something else out there after all. Guess which one I’m going with?

I didn’t dig the main character Clara all that much because she was mainly bitchy and unapproachable, but I enjoyed the cast of characters overall when they mixed together. Throwing in the cautioning housekeeping with her strange grandson, the local doctor with his unstable sister, and you can’t get much better with enriching the atmosphere through character types.

The small town feel fit it well too since the legend was such a large part of the storyline. As usual romance is only on the back burner and I wasn’t even sure which one she’d end up until the end, which is kind of typical for Michaels. The relationship isn’t fully realistic, but oh well.

I would have liked stronger supernatural oomph into the story, but overall it’s an interesting gothic tale that kept me glued and waiting.

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