Demon High by Lori Devoti

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First Rule of Demon Calling: Don't

Lucinda Dent never planned to call demons. She wasn’t stupid, after all. She’d seen what the addiction had done to her mother. But her mother has been gone for ten years, sucked into hell by a demon, and all Lucinda has left is her grandmother and the house she grew up in. Who could blame her for using the only thing her mother gave her, a talent for demon calling, to save them?

Lucinda teams up with an old friend and together they set up business, calling demons. But soon things go terribly wrong.

Demons are loose in Caldera High, and not only is Lucinda responsible, she just might be in love with one of them. Can love conquer all or is Lucinda about to lose everything--her home, her new love, and her soul?

Lucinda is a daring and somewhat clueless character who does the unthinkable injavascript:; order to impress friends, satisfy her own curiosities, and fit in at a strange high school. Ah, teenagers.

This is definitely a young YA novel, not just because of the plot elements, but also because of the youngish and rather simplified writing style. The story gets better as it goes along, but it requires some patience the first several chapters.

We have misunderstood characters who stand out at school, which made me think of a little (I can’t help it) of Twilight. We don’t get glittering vampires but we get unusual male love interests that are a little eye-rolling but still fun in a guilty pleasure, soap-opera kind of way.

The story isn’t particularly complex but it does attempt to be. The story has a small cliffhanger of sorts. The story is straightforward but worth a read if you like YA books set in high school settings with demons of sort milling around. The heroine makes plenty of mistakes, almost unapologetically.

Characters start out a little too uncomplicated but some of them surprisingly develop stronger roots, especially Lucinda’s friend and her conflicts with her sexual orientation. The demon lords are a bit cheesy but I couldn’t look away from the scenes since it’s still fun stuff.

It’s gritty with its dark touches for a YA book, so YA fans should enjoy the book well enough. 

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