Forever Road by Catie Rhodes

Peri Jean Mace, #1


A world full of ghosts. A reluctant psychic medium. Destiny only knocks once—then it kicks down the door.

Peri Jean Mace thinks seeing ghosts is a curse, but her murdered trailer trash cousin doesn’t care. She wants Peri Jean to expose her killer.

Peri Jean figures out everyone in her one-stoplight East Texas town has something to hide. And one of them will kill to hide the truth. In over her head, Peri Jean has to face her curse or end up the next victim.

Forever Road is the first book in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. If you like your urban fantasy served up with a heavy dose of goose bumps, a side of gut-busting laughs, and a fist-swinging heroine who will steal your heart, you’ll love Forever Road.

This year I’ve been into books this year where the lead can speak or see ghosts. It’s a fascinating ability that can open doors to interesting plots in fantasy. In Forever Road the heroine can see ghosts, and the whole town seems to know it, but the communication isn’t always friendly and isn’t done with words. The ghosts in this series can touch objects, influence temperature, and touch people. Some the spirits are downright scary and irritating, which lends a unique flavor to this genre trope. It’s not the typical see-ghost story because of that.

It’s also unique because it’s in a country mode with the dialect, thinking and small town atmosphere. The heroine is already an outcast because of her ability but it’s not easy shrugging off a mother who wants nothing to do with her, a trashy cousin who gets murdered in the trailer next door, and the cops who dislike her on principle already.

The mystery is decent when her cousin comes to a bad end. There’s some scrum of the earth in the book that comes across convincing. I wasn’t surprised at the secret villain but it was well done anyway. The heroine is decent but sometimes her personality is a bit much to take, not my favorite personality type but I do dig heroines with flaws. I did like the cop Dean.

There’s a lot of country feels here – ya’ll, small town mindset, and language. Violence when done goes all out, and sailor language galore. A love triangle seems to be brewing, too.

I didn’t have enough chemistry with the series to seek out the sequels, but it’s a unique start to a series that dares to be different and has some things going for it mystery wise. 

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