Month of Fav's - New Author Favorites of 2017

Did you mostly stick with books by your favorite authors last year? We ventured out quite a bit and discovered quite a few authors who we want to read more from in the future.

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S.J. Himes

I'm now a huge fan of S.J. Himes after falling in love with her Sorcerer of Beacon Hill Series with the books A Necromancer's Dance and A Necromancer's Dilemma. Can't wait until the next installment. I'm planning to try her other series soon. The review for the first book is here. Second coming soon.

L.M. Montgomery

While I've only read Anne of Green Gables by the author, her stunning writing style impressed me and I plan to read more of her work. She is a new to me classic novelist who deserves praise. Unfortunately her life comes across so depressing when reading about it on Wikipedia. I'm amazed she was able to keep up so much positivity and hope through her characters.

My review of Anne of Green Gables can be found here.

Toni Morrison

Sula was beautifully written. I'm delighted to find she has a large library for me to still read. The emotion that comes across from her characters and her literary style suited me - can't wait to dig into more of her dramas.

Review of Sula not fully finished yet.

Casey Daniels

I read the first ten books of the Pepper Martin series this year. A fun and playful writing style, Casey Daniels impressed me with her creative plottting (making mysteries seem simple but adding in unexpected layers), quirky moods from a flawed main character. There's something addicting about these books, so kudos to the author. Read my review of the first book, Don of the Dead.

Rick Riordan
Young Adult / Middle Age

I read - and loved - the five Percy Jackson stories this year. Now planning to own all of the other series eventually. Rick Riordan writes for a younger audience, but his humor is natural, plotting inventive, and writing style draws all ages in. Definitely a new found favorite.

Read my review of The Lightning Thief here. The others reviews aren't up yet (Yes, I'm slow).

 *Photos taken from Goodreads Author Profiles*