Funny and Bizarre Comic Covers

There are so many comic book covers out there that, while the bizarre joke wasn't intended (maybe!), one can't help but look at it a different way now. Throw in some bizarre comic book covers and clips that make Superman sound like a jerk, the characters come across as misogynistic or racist, and these can be fun to look through for different reasons now.

Some of these are based on bizarre and unfortunate art placement that makes those with dirty minds giggle, but some are just unfortunate signs of the times with characters.

Superman Comes Across as a Jerk

We all know my favorite superhero isn't actually a douche, but these comic book covers may indicate otherwise...I especially like the Father's Day robe.

The Art Is Just Wrong!

Poor placement of Robin's Face, Flash's bizarre situation, and The Rifleman's log keeps a dirty mind spinning.

What Were They Thinking??

Well, these don't need any description.

More Bizarre Stuff

Spanking alert - and the second's outfit is beyond questionable. The art placement of the hand for Captain America is also unfortunate, youch.

Because We're Weird

Sexism lives in comics, and Batman doesn't need any additional innuendo with Robin.


Even Archie isn't immune. The first cover isn't bad but I have to wonder at the oddness of mixing The Punisher with Archie's dance. The comic section is just the worst ever of the bunch.

More Batman

Clearly the meaning of some words like Boners have changed, but we get hilarious times about it now.